IMG_1016.jpgTithe: ‘the tenth part of goods or income paid for the support of the church’

We will donate 10% of your meal ticket to your religious organization every time you dine. It's easy, you just have to bring in your weekly service bulletin so we can attach your meal ticket to it. We will then track the monthly purchases of those members of that organization and send them a check once a month.

You have a great meal and we'll do the rest. This is our way of giving back to the community that has supported us for 60 years.

If you join our Royalty Rewards Program you will also gain points on every purchase good for gift certificates and other promotions. So 10% for your religious organization and points on every purchase for you.

This fund raiser offer is good every time you dine. Eat once or every day of the week and your organization will receive 10% of your meal ticket.